Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Everton Bus Shelter

"STOP THE CAR!!!!!" I yelled. My fella surprised, glanced over and caught just enough of the sight to see that it was worth finding a safe spot to do so. "Huh?" was the response from Lou in the back seat in a tone that said, "whatever-the-hell-could-be-so-important-that-you'd-yell-unwelcome-like-that".

Well dear reader, here's a GIF showing what brought on the outburst:


Here's the ensuing photoshoot:

More GIF showing that Lou soon saw and also loved the Everton Bus Shelter:


The moral of this random shit is that needless to say, the countryside is full of some awesome stuff - get out with your mates and enjoy it!

Love this bus shelter? Read about the "Mad Lot from Everton", the awesome crew behind the Everton Bus Shelter! Thank you for the joy you added to our roadtrip today!

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