Saturday, February 26, 2011

Piñata goes bang!

So I was all excited when I received the above invitation for Katie & Kaarina's birthday party until the typical conundrum hit me, what on earth was I going to wear! On top of this, Katie's parties are known for the efforts folks go I googled diligently for inspiration...
meh! Nothing really struck me as being it when looking back at Katie's invitation, I realised that the inspiration had been there all along ~

Random shit inspiration, Chez!
A piñata is a brightly-colored decoration and the costume I decided I was going to don! But dear reader, first I had to make this costume and so in this edition of Random shit, Chez, I'll show you how I did it:

You will need:
  • coloured A4 paper
  • lots of sticky tape
  • scissors
  • measuring tape
  • bag of sherbert bombs
  • headband
  • pipe-cleaners
  • cotton & ribbon

Step 1: Locate box of coloured A4 paper I bought in Berlin 5 years ago. Sounds easy but I had to go through lots of storage boxes to locate this baby.
Step 2: Create the fabric for piñata costume by sticky-taping sheets of the coloured paper together, then sticky-taping the coloured strips together. Make sure to leave space for 'shredding' edges a la piñata (see Step 7).

Step 3: Run out of sticky tape.

Step 4: Using this tutorial by her royal blog highness, Lady Melbourne, follow instructions to create a circle skirt out of created fabric.

Step 5: Try on for fit; the costume is taking shape!

Step 6: Tear costume whilst trying on for fit, so pull out the duct tape to reinforce the waist.
Step 7: Shred the edges of the costume to create the piñata effect.

Step 8: Use left over paper to make head piece (using pipecleaners, headband and a sherbert bomb) and vest.

Step 9: String sherbert bombs onto thread and tie around a ribbon to create a necklace.

Random shit, Chez!
Step 10: Transport to party in a paper bag and get changed in the venue then sneak back out (not very easy to do in this get up!) and get ready to make an entrance.

Step 8: Happy Birthday Katie!!
this bastard had the same as idea as me...

Piñata goes bang!
Step 9: And there you have it, random shit goes bang!

PS: Want to know what the piñata got up to next? Read this post!


  1. bangin' outfit honey! love it! xo

  2. Thanks pardipardi - I love your Wednesday outfits so your comment means a lot! Xx