Saturday, April 30, 2011

A jewellery display

Random shit, Chez!
Some time ago, I posted the above image on the Random shit, Chez! Facebook page. I came across these figurines on sale at my local op shop for 99c. Realising that they were a totally random buy that I probably did not *need* I consulted those around me on this purchase, proposing to use the stems of these figurines as ring holders. The grandmas and grandpas I asked thought this was a delightful idea.

et voilà!

Jewellery display
Daniel the camel carries exotic costume baubles passed onto me from my Oma.
 Dentzel the giraffe carries treasures from travels in other lands.
Parker Jumper carries fairy princess rings and other rommel because fairy princes always have such a steed!
Cerniglario the tiger defends the cocktail ring loot.
One of the ladies RSC consulted at the op shop said that she used to have the whole set of these carousel figurines which could be bought on TV. They also came with a large carousel stand to display them all in - I didn't see this at the op shop. However I did google carousel figurines and found out more about these pieces. It turns out that these figurines are part of the Franklin Mint Treasury of Carousel Art (First Series) - a collection of 12 miniatures created by William Manns for the Franklin Mint. Some are accented with 24kt gold.

The moral of this random shit, Chez! post is that op shops are gold. literally. What gold (literal or metaphorical) have you found in an op shop lately?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's not too late, Kate!

Just in case you've been too busy to actually notice, it is the night before the royal wedding of one Kate who loves her Willy. As we sit in bed, with our Kate Middleton replica engagement ring from Diva flashing away, editing photos for our other fashion blog, we came across some images of a frock which we think would be perfect for the big day should Kate decide to runaway*. Truly - check out these images:
It's virginal white and the volume would be a tribute of sorts to the late Princess Di - come on, she's already got the ring!
The moment of turning away though she should really have a tear in her eye too - for extra sparkle - look at the drama ripple through the volumes of the frock and cape!
A beautiful exit this would make, Kate!

*it's an option. Julia Roberts did it. not saying that Kate should but she could. And she'd make quite the statement in this.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Roadtrip and the Easter Bunny

Happy Easter! In today's post, RSC goes on a roadtrip and makes use of the Photo Antlers for iPhone app. Thank you to the check-out-chap at Coles Burwood for the suggestion which went as follows:

Check-out-chap: How are you today?
RSC: I'm fine thanks... actually no, I'm really disappointed that I couldn't find any bunny ears here. I really wanted to take a photo...
Check-out-chap: Have you tried Kmart?
RSC: yup, they're all out too.
Check-out-chap: what about an iPhone app? There's an app for everything.

et voilà !
Random shit, Chez and the Photo Antlers app on a roadtrip!

Random shit, Chez tucks into a pie floater at Pie in the Sky
Random shit, Chez!
oops! selected the wrong  Photo Antlers !
that's better!
The End

The moral of this random shit is that there is indeed an iPhone app for everything! Many thanks to Dee for capturing today's random adventures. X

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Food Furniture

How much is that strawberry cake stool? The window of museum-cum-shop,Third Drawer Down
RSC loves food so it is no surprise that I immediately fell in love with the food-inspired stools I spotted in the window of the ridiculously amazing museum-you-can-actually-buy-random-shit-from, Third Drawer Down. Faced with three choices to gift a couple in their new home, here's my test run of the comfortable options which come in strawberry cake, corn cob and burger forms!
Very comfortable, I like how the strawberries & cream provide support for ones back!
Suprisingly comfortable also! The corn cob also charmed me with its detail - who's taken a bite out of my stool?!
Perfect for anyone who has ever wanted to rest their derriere upon a sesame seed bun - also comfy!
Random Shit, Chez! Which food stool made it into the box?
The lucky recipients opening up the box....
et voila! Lucky Mick & Han with their new corn cob stool !
Corn cob stool in its new home
an alternate view of the Random Shit, Chez corn cob stool in its new home!
The moral of this RSC is that playing with food is fun! Which food stool would you get? ;)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Memory Lane: Baby-Sitters Club

In this edition of Random shit, Chez! We take a look at something - Hillbilly Profane- a random person we found on the interwebs has made - a tribute to 90s show Babysitters Club! We grew up on these books by Ann Martin which had such an influence on us that Chez still randomly eats slices of apple spread with peanut butter - a healthy & tasty treat the healthy vegetarian Dawn used to enjoy. RANDOM FACT: wikipedia tells us were also GHOST-WRITTEN by a guy named, Peter Lerangis - a man with insight on the tickings of teenage girls- how's that!? Anyway we were excited to watch the TV mini-series as children of the 90s so without further ado, "Say hello to your friends..."

And speaking of ghostwriting - GHOSTWRITER was another TV show we were mad about as kids. Thank you dipsettopnotch for posting this clip!

The moral of this story is that memory lane rocks and sometimes, you've just gotta pay tribute to the ace-but-random-shit already out there. And yep, Chez is randomly heaps busy. TY internet for doing our homework! X

Sunday, April 3, 2011

eBay Auction: to snipe or not to snipe?

Potentially random but matchy shit.

This camera matches my Margery Daw frock, ridiculously. It's up on eBay and the auction ends within the hour and is for a good cause. Should I?