Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hello World - this is random shit, Chez.

Dear World,

Today I was cruising around a shopping center with my mate Dee when she made the comment- "I cannot wait to see what you're going to buy here, you always buy such random shit."

Facebook's oldest recorded photo of me and Dee
And then she started laughing.  Now Dee is known amongst our friends for her unique laugh, but she wasn't so far off; I do buy a lot of random shit! However as Dee was also quick to point out - sometimes, just sometimes - the shit ends up becoming kinda cool or I do cool shit with that seemingly random purchase. Maybe it'll be a few hours down the track, a few days or in some cases, years. The purpose of this blog is to share the random shit I do that makes my friends laugh but more importantly I hope encourages others to think outside the square to do things that make both yourself and others, smile.

So in this first post, the random I'd like to share is a souvenir I bought during a random holiday to New York City back in 2007.
That's Hooi standing in NYC's iconic LOVE sign ~ I did her timesheets for six months while she was away on secondment. Good ol' Hooi always insisted that I should visit so when a three week job fell through; I did!
During this visit, I swung by the Statue of Liberty where I bought this lightweight and easy-to-pack souvenir. Since my return home, I've saved this souvenir from the bin many a time; always having this gut-instinct that it would one day come in handy...

Random shit, Chez

et voila! Here is a photo of me on my friend Kealey's roof top. Kealey's spur-of-the-moment invitation via Twitter to her Halloween party led me to throw this costume together. It consists of a random dress I found in a Prahran op shop + aforementioned souvenir.

Random shit, chez. But the moral here is, random shit = handy shit.

PS: if you're actually reading this post, thank you. To prevent this from being a full-on vanity project - please submit YOUR random shit to for your chance to feature here! Saves you the hassle of setting up your own blog or stay tuned to see what random shit your friends have to share! :D Xx


  1. fabulous! i reckon I have some random stuff for you! xo

  2. woot! I've worked out how to reply to comments! Thanks loupardi - I'd love your random stuff - gimme! Xx