Sunday, April 17, 2011

Food Furniture

How much is that strawberry cake stool? The window of museum-cum-shop,Third Drawer Down
RSC loves food so it is no surprise that I immediately fell in love with the food-inspired stools I spotted in the window of the ridiculously amazing museum-you-can-actually-buy-random-shit-from, Third Drawer Down. Faced with three choices to gift a couple in their new home, here's my test run of the comfortable options which come in strawberry cake, corn cob and burger forms!
Very comfortable, I like how the strawberries & cream provide support for ones back!
Suprisingly comfortable also! The corn cob also charmed me with its detail - who's taken a bite out of my stool?!
Perfect for anyone who has ever wanted to rest their derriere upon a sesame seed bun - also comfy!
Random Shit, Chez! Which food stool made it into the box?
The lucky recipients opening up the box....
et voila! Lucky Mick & Han with their new corn cob stool !
Corn cob stool in its new home
an alternate view of the Random Shit, Chez corn cob stool in its new home!
The moral of this RSC is that playing with food is fun! Which food stool would you get? ;)


  1. Oh my GOD I WANT ONE!!!!


    I'm speechless!!!

    Thanks so much or the comment on my blog, love, love, loving yours!!!

    Now following :) :) :)

  2. Merowyn - you are gorgeous, I hope we get to meet one day - sit on our food stools and tuck into some other delicious! TY for your comment - this is a new but fun space and so nice to hear that others like it too! X

  3. Very cool! I personally would have gone for the corn as well and the burger would have been a runner-up. Strange, considering I'm usually a dessert girl.

  4. stools. it's hard to get a nice firm one.

  5. LOLZ!

    @Haute World - love.your.comment! X

    @pardipardi - so true. that's why we roadtested them for you! ;)

  6. This is the sort of random shit that sends me broke.
    Love them!

  7. They are such awesome stools! I love the corn cobb one! :) I have to confess I'd end up picking the strawberry cake one in the end though! :)