Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Today's Random shit, Chez! post comes to us courtesy of our previously mentioned friend, Dee!
Dee and her book of 500 cupcakes
If you were given a cupcake book full of 500 cupcake recipes, what would be say, the first three to five cupcakes you’d make? Vanilla, chocolate, pistachio? Heck, Rocky road or Turkish delight!? A perfect flight of fancy in any case; something sweet topped with equally lovely icing?  Given a book of 500 cupcake recipes, pictured below is what Dee chose to make.
Random shit, Dee!

Green-tinged icing and topped with a cherry tomato, say hello to the savoury cupcake!
Sort of like a muffin but not, other names our friends have come up with include:

  • cuffin!
  • cakemuff!
  • cupmuff!
– now try saying all those whilst laughing with your mouth full of MUFFCAKE - the admittedly still questionable but in our opinion, more tasteful term we settled on!

Known affectionately amongst our friends as “Dee’s muffcakes”, except maybe to Dee whom we sense still harbours disapproval for perceived disrespect for her baked creation- we have found a surprising admirer for the muffcake>
Marco loves the muffcake
Now let me be clear, dear reader. I was not disrespectin’ enough to directly feed dear Marco, Dee’s muffcake. Rather his mama, Xing shares everything with him and muffcake was no exception. The moral of this random shit is that muffcake is actually really healthy and much better for you than any whimsical sweet thing and most importantly, man’s bestfriend loves it. Entrepreneurial types, you hear us? cha-ching! Now you want to make muffcakes for your mutt? Drop us a line at randomshitchez@gmail.com or leave a comment and we'll make sure you get these secret deets! Or like us to get the Facebook update!

Now wishing Dee a very Happy Birthday, I hope you have a great one and I'm sorry that the only thing you're getting from me is this random, shit! xx Chez

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