Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fun Felt Food Accessories for Destination 90s

A sample of felt doughnuts from Lisa Johnson's etsy shop
I like food. I like crazy accessories and I love etsy. One of my favourite shops belongs to a lady from New Zealand named Lisa who combines all my loves into her etsy shop. Lisa makes "fun felt food" and for some reason when browsing her range of doughnuts, I got the idea that they would make ace accessories, so I bought them.

Truth be told, they stayed in my craft box for some time. One of those crazy random projects that I didn't have the time or dare I say it - necessity - to put together.

51 Destination 90's S01E10
Cupcake dolls
Then one day the necessity to turn these doughnuts into EXCESS-ories came around. As the presenter of the 90s child segment on community television show Destination 90s, I'd dress up each week in tribute to the week's toy. So faced with the prospect of presenting a piece about Cupcake dolls, I decided to make my food accessories! So are you ready to see them?

35 Destination 90's S01E10
Getting into costume
37 Destination 90's S01E10
The necklace

44 Destination 90's S01E10
Headband & cuff
43 Destination 90's S01E10
Close-up of the doughnut cuff

45 Destination 90's S01E10
Princess Tina sweettooth earrings complete the ensemble!

83 Destination 90's S01E10
On set with Destination 90s show host, Caitlin Jolly.

And there you have it from Random shit, Chez! Fun felt food is all the sweetness without the calories or guilt! 

All photos: Fernando de Sousa

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  1. LOVE these!!! Hahahahaaaa oh this post made me laugh. I never had a cupcake doll, huhuhuhuhuhuuuu I guess I was too old by the time the 90's rolled around.


    Now I want to make donuts for a fun table center piece. Great post!