Sunday, April 22, 2012

The time I fell off Kealey's shed

There are things a fashion blogger will do in order to get the right shot. Like fall off the roof of a shed into a vegie patch, then climb back up in order to "get the shot".

Random shit that I left behind to get the shot:

my skin...

Shit happens, carry on
Back on solid ground
My hero :)
And now for some shots of the delightful Doris who pretty much fulfilled what I was hoping to achieve; I now realise that it'd mean not wearing high heels ;)

Many thanks to the awesome-face Kealey for helping me get my desired shots and not photographing me while I was splayed in her veggie patch!

The moral of this random shit is to make sure that your tetanus shots are up-to-date... and if you're going to fall into a veggie patch; take care to avoid the pumpkins ;)

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