Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lost Property: Proud Mary & the leather pants

Lost Property shit!

Lost property. Things that people once bought for whatever purpose but which they have left behind.

Welcome to a new series on Random shit, Chez where I sort through the lost property boxes at cafes around town!

I spend a bit of time sitting in cafes, working or relaxing but also always people watching. As a streetstyle snapper, I think we're a fascinating lot to watch. From the super-styled to sleep-deprived-mum-chic to the cosy all-sorts comprised of favourite jumpers, trusty jeans, that old coat and beanie... I love seeing the different kinds of people who congregate in Melbourne's cafes to satiate hunger and soul over bowls of soup, avocado on toast or a big breakfast with a hearty side of conversation. Sometimes once our bellies are full, caffeine hits had and we head back out into the world, we leave something behind. I've never seen someone actually leave something behind but I know that cafes around town have lost property boxes which evidences that they do. As such I thought that it'd be interesting to point the lens at the lost property boxes to see what random shit people leave behind. So here we go!
Proud Mary's is at the corner of Stanley and Oxford Streets, Collingwood

We start off the series with Proud Mary (172 Oxford Street, Collingwood).  Proud Mary is a cafe that is full of delicious. I know this because just about everyone* told me so for the longest time and when I finally hauled my ass over there, I found out that it was true. Delicious. They also have quite the box of lost property.  Owner and champion barista Nolan suspects that most of the lost stuff actually belongs to staff. How else can one explain the LEATHER PANTS we found in the box?! Scroll down below for some of the lost loot we photographed at Proud Mary's:

Random lost shit laid out on the bonnet of Nolan's Ford Ka!

Who loses a pair of leather pants at a cafe?!
Could this be the lost property of sporty smart types who had their thirst quenched at Proud Mary's? 
And finally, sifting through lost property is hard work and creates a thirst for delicious. I quenched mine with Proud Mary's hot choc that I swear, loves you hard. 
Proud Mary Hot Chocolate - hot stuff that loves you hard.
Served up in a generous glass tumbler that invites cupping with both hands, this velvety hot chocolate delivers on taste and texture and is accompanied by a lovely old-school serving of marshmallows. Delicious with or without the fluffy additions, my heart is warmed at the memory of this bevvy...maybe that's how someone ended up losing their leather pants? I wonder if we'll ever find out... 

Proud Mary  | Twitter

*everyone = food blogs that I read, here are just a few:
jeroxie - big thanks Penny for finally getting me down to Proud Mary!

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