Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Tooth Fairy Collection

Last year, I played the role of the tooth fairy on community tv show, Story Time. Since then I've been thinking about what sort of accessories a modern day tooth fairy might craft and wear in the workplace, et voila! The Tooth Fairy Collection

Can you help me decide which tooth accessories/art I should invest in? Will it be the 14k Gold tooth that has appeared in Spanish Vogue? The tasteful artwork for the bathroom? or perhaps the earrings which I could wear and point to when someone is giving me an earful?

Decisions, decisions... this tooth fairy might need more teeth! mwah-ha-ha!

This is some random shit, non?


  1. The necklace!!!!

    Or the Keep Calm, you could put it in the bathroom - love it!

  2. hehe thanks Mez, decisions decisions! xx