Sunday, December 4, 2011

Random Homewares (aka how to bring Dolly Parton into your bedroom)!

So like as a fashion blogger, something I read about a lot and do myself a lot is do the high-low. This means to mix high-end labels with low-end labels, like wear your Chanel with your weekend denim in order to create an awesome new outfit that is copied by high-street stores the world over!

So I thought that I'd apply this concept to my own home... my own bedroom in fact! So here, take a gander at the latest editions to my boudoir ;)

low: This week I went to the Dolly Parton concert which was AWESOME where I bought this "I Will Always Love You" pillow case - I LOVE YOU DOLLY!

high: This weekend I visited The Design Files (TDF) Open House - it was AWESOME!  The volunteers working the house were wearing very cute tshirts with yellow polka dots - so I bought a CASTLE pillow case which has... yellow polka dots!

Random shit, Chez!

The moral of this random shit is that as Miranda in Sex & the City once said, "if I make my bed a place that I want to be in, then others will want to be in it too."

What do you think? Is this a bedroom look that will be copied the world over... or  quite simply scare off potential suitors??? :P


  1. No offence Chez but there is one area where I think you just cannot live up to Dolly :)

    Love the pillow cases!

  2. Good one, McNat!

    Ps: how good is having CLEAN BEDSHEETS!?