Sunday, October 16, 2011

How to line your hallway with astroturf!

Springcleaning. I went wild with the activity this weekend. Bathrooms cleaned and floors mopped, heck in the process I even vacuumed the house four times! No, I am not developing OCD - vacuuming was required after I executed a rather messy activity known as "lining a hallway with astroturf." Check it out:

1. Get the idea to line the hallway with astroturf.
...need I say more?

2. Measure up the hallway
3. Cut the astrotuf to required dimensions. This is a little messy.
4. Random shit, Chez!
5. It ain't perfect; smells that way too! :S

It's unfortunate that after a few hours of this installation I found the plastic-rubber smell of the astroturf so strong that I had to roll it up and stash it in a safe place: out of sight and smell!

The moral of this random shit, is to smell things first before you install them in your home. Random shit might be fun but smelly shit is unpleasant to live with. 

Note: big thanks to Natalie for donating so much astroturf to my cause for when I had an idea to wrap a vase in astroturf, that I was able to envision and execute this project. muchos grazias, lady! x 

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