Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bangin' decor

Today's post is inspired by the Gorman x Castle collaboration and the artwork of the talented Castle.

After purchasing a Castle pillowcase from The Design Files Open House as blogged in this post, I became smitten with Rachel Castle's work, her latest being a collaboration with Lisa Gorman that has resulted in this super ace pillow case below: 
Gorman x Castle pillow: WANT!

However, truth be told that I am trying to stick to buying things I need. And while I'd love to see if I can get Castle to customise a U-shape pillowcase in that fabulous print, I don't need another regular-shape pillowcase at this stage :(

Something that I did need was an artwork to fill in the empty space over my bed. So imagine my delight when I came across Castle's range of artworks :)

Castle artwork - fun, fabulous and made out of felt!

I scrolled through Castle's site for some time trying to find the artwork that was 'me'...

Then I remembered my 'funeral song'. It's the fun song I'd like played at my funeral, assuming that I die an old 80+ year old lady, warm in my bed....

So I realise that this hasn't been highlighted enough here just yet, but I have a thing for pipe cleaners. I thought it'd be real me to put the chorus of my funeral song in pipe cleaners, check out the first draft:

The first draft: the chorus of my funeral song in pipe cleaner. Can you recognise the song?
 The trouble with my large scale piece was that I made it late one night after work... and then I knocked it over :(

Alphabet soup of pipe cleaner letters on my floor :(
Pain-stakingly I put the piece together again, although I'd forgotten that I'd taken the photo above so I spent a while trying to get the colour scheme right again! That said, it also gave me time to move the piece onto canvas instead of a kikki.k vision board (which I hope to use next as a proper vision board) AND to discuss the wording with friends. My friends agreed that I should get rid of the last line of the chorus as it seemed inappropriate; there's only ever been one 'she' in my bed ;)

Random shit, Chez! The final piece in place!
The moral of this story is that I'd like to get my business plan in order so that I can support the work of wonderful artists like Rachel Castle and showcase them to busy professionals. In the meantime however, it's a whole lotta DIY and trying to think outside the box to make this happen...

Happy New Year! Here's to each of us making our plans and dreams for 2012 come true!


  1. LOVE it!!!

    You've got my mind racing about DIY projects I could do now...


  2. @BU : OOH cannot wait to see what you get up to!!