Friday, March 18, 2011

Food before Fashion vs Fashion as Food?

Random shit, Chez!
In episode 4 of the hit series, Sex & the City, the fashionista-sex-writer Carrie Bradshaw famously said, "When I first moved to New York and I was totally broke, sometimes I would buy Vogue instead of dinner. I felt it fed me more. "

Now Random shit, Chez! loves a tutu as much as the next Carrie-wannabe but this is not the kind of doctrine I adhere to, at all. As such, in this installment of Random shit, Chez! we swan through the glamour of the 2011 L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival where I've potentially committed the fashion faux-pas of being photographed with an accessory that makes a statement of the un-fashionista-popular variety; FOOD!

BusiChic with Erin Mullaney
Figure 1. When photographed with renowned UK buyer Erin Mullaney ~ she holds tasteful clutch; I hold tasty springroll.

Photo credit: Daniel Bryant
Figure 2. When photographed with lovely Lou and super-ace Kate Langbroek as part of the Nova 100 competition I won because I dressed up as a piñata; I'm holding a proscuitto-wrapped-grissini.

Figure 3. Fashionista friends have bolted for the show; I'm making sure I'm fuelled up prior to Runway 5.

The moral of this Random Shit, I think, is that a girl needs to make sure she's looking after herself by not going hungry! Thoughts??

Photo credit: Daniel Bryant
Figure 4. What a delight! Fabulous food AND Nova 100 fashionistas Lauren Brain and Kate Langbroek- the two are not mutually exclusive, at all! ;)

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