Sunday, March 13, 2011

Penthouse Mouse Play

This evening's Random shit, Chez! post comes from Penthouse Mouse - one of the very schmick events part of this year's L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF). Full of designers, accessories and artists - I went to cover the event for Business Chic and (small)lust but couldn't resist having a play with the works on offer myself.

Clouds by Matsuri Yamana

Random shit, Chez!
The moral of this random shit is that playing with art installations is fun but having a friend who can take ace photos is even better!! - thanks Kealey!

Oh and check out Penthouse Mouse - Shed 4, Docklands - on as part of LMFF now until March 20.
PS: Thank you Elgar & Lyle for my necklace - I'm finding it much fun also! :-)


  1. What are they?

    I love this blog!!

  2. hehe thanks Carly - I believe they're made of cotton.!

    Thanks for the compliment; aim to have some fun here and hope that you'll contribute a random, shit, Carly! guest post soon!