Sunday, March 27, 2011

Take 2 Markets

Today's Random shit, Chez post is a work in progress. Story is I did a market; Take 2 Markets to be precise. It was a last minute thing as my friend Xing who had the stall booked had something else come up- yadi yadi yaddah. Long story short, I spent all the money I earnt on things I could not resist; like these Mickey Mouse ears.
Random shit, Chez!

I haven't quite worked out the moral of this random shit, yet. However I maintain that this is something that will keep me warm in Melbourne's blustery winter. I particularly like the pom pom tie detail and the fact that these babies have gold glitter all the way through them which adds an extra level of interest, you know; because they needed that ;)
Amazing shit      Photo credit: Take 2 Markets
I also bought this vintage 1950s frock from a lady with whom I had such a great chat that we exchanged email addresses. Imagine my shock when a few days later I received an email from one Rachel Berger; someone with the same whole name as an old neighbour of ours... Turns out that the lady who had sold me this frock, is indeed our old neighbour AND THE COMEDIAN, Rachel Berger, who had worn this frock in her promo pics which made the rounds...
The green dress~ and Rachel Berger as she wore it !
How's this for a story, this very pic of Rachel in green frock; used to be on our fridge! Amazing. It's been lovely to email Rachel and hear more on her story. Nnow I can't wait to wear the dress and continue its story - maybe to see Rachel at her next performance? ;)


  1. Chez, you looked beautiful in the dress (as did Rachel) - it was fated! Such a sensational piece in original '50s satin. The baton has been passed. Kittie

  2. Hi Kittie France - First off - LOVE YOUR BLOG! Gorgeous and appeals greatly to the foot fetis- I mean shoe fan that I am (recommend that anyone reading this comment, immediately checks out Kittie's blog)!
    Secondly, thank you - it is a huge honour and I hope I can do at least half the justice that Rachel did.
    PS: I've updated the post to make it clearer that Rachel IS STILL A COMEDIAN! Love that and her acting work too - can't wait to see more!

  3. What an awesome story behind that dress! And full of really random coincidences. That's part of the reason why I love buying second hand. I bet the dress looks great on you.

  4. Hi,
    I met you at the Take Two Markets. You might not remember me.....I was with Rachael (shes done a few of the markets before). We chatted for a litte glad you ended up getting that dress. Its super cute and you'll look great in it :)