Sunday, August 21, 2011

KÜK Crafters | TRIAL AND ERROR | Do It In A Dress

An amazing day today where I got to learn how to make my first ever paper crane AND meet some really ace peeps whose work I much admire; all because I sent out a random tweet!

So today I went to my very first KÜK session. KÜKs (Kamikaze Über Krafters) is a growing community of crafters who inspired by quiet conversations about *things we'd like to make*, come together and make stuff that matters. A few weeks back, I randomly tweeted that I wanted to learn how to make a papercrane. This tweet was seen by the group's Bambi Gordon who passed on the message to the group's head KÜK, Toula Karayannis who organised for the paper-ace TRIAL AND ERROR to come and present a workshop on their creative enterprise and to show us how to make a paper crane, heart and flower bomb!

First up though, a funny coincidence: I found out about TRIAL AND ERROR some months ago after they created a magic papercrane installation for the window of mettascents - a shop belonging to another Twitter friend! When I first saw the installation, I was so moved that I emailed Trial and Error to express my admiration for their work and to share my paper pinata costume! Check out the clip below:
So here are some images from today's KÜKs session:

Sarah and Cyndi from TRIAL AND ERROR start off the paper session nice and easy with making love hearts
Random shit, Chez! These buggers are tricky to make but here is my very first papercrane - my tweet wish come true!

Cyndi and Sarah demonstrating how to make a flower bomb
Pictured with Sarah from TRIAL AND ERROR modelling our flower bomb headpieces! Images by  @joidesign and @digitalkulcha

It was a super fun and kooky day with with the KÜKs as demonstrated by Cyndi and Sarah in the gif I've made below! I wanted to showcase their ace workshop wear - coordinated coloured jeans from zara and accessorised with the paperheart necklaces and flower bomb headpieces they showed us how to make!

how to make gifs
Cyndi and Sarah demonstrate the joie de vivre of TRIAL AND ERROR!

I'm also hoping to get Cyndi and Sarah to join forces to help the Do It In A Dress Campaign. Did you know that there are 60 million girls in the world who are not in school? One Girl Org aims to raise funds to send girls in Sierra Leone to school and Do It In A Dress is their major fundraiser. The campaign asks individuals to do something they normally do between Oct 2-9 - but in a school dress! By asking family and friends to sponsor their efforts, Do It In A Dressers will be raising much-needed funds for One Girl Org's awesome programs in Sierra Leone to send girls to school!

how do you make a gif
Boys and Girls Do It In A Dress to raise funds for One Girl Org's programs in Sierra Leone to send girls to school!
Will you?
Campaign co-founder Chantelle Baxter hopes to wear a new school dress for each day of the campaign- I'm helping to find interested designers and crafters to create a dress either by using an old school dress (we've been receiving donations..) or crafting one out of the resources available to you! In the case of TRIAL AND ERROR - that could be paper! In return we are working to get more media interest as well as promoting your creations through the One Girl Org, Twitter and related blogs like randomshitchez and the more serious ! If you are interested, please drop me a line in the comments below and I'll email you further information!

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