Sunday, August 7, 2011

Two parties, one jumpsuit

Dearest Carly,

I'm sorry to hear that you are unwell and stuck in hospital. As such here is a post dedicated to you. You see I had a conundrum this weekend: two parties but really only the time for one outfit. One was the launch of Hussy's new store at GPO (not far from where I photographed you), the other was a friend's housewarming that naturally was a costume party with the theme, Alice in Wonderland!

So you can understand that I needed an ensemble that could cut it with the fash pack but then look appropriately OTT for Alice, et voila! I pulled out a hot pink jumpsuit that I got from American Rag, what do you think??

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The first two images are me trying on belts from Hussy - I settled on the black one in the end as while the gold goes better with my jumpsuit - it's not everyday that I wear a hot pink jumpsuit!
I saw Lady Melbourne and Emma from $30 Dollar Date at the Hussy launch, here is a pic of us:

And here is a pic that Emma took of me with the Hussy designer, Marie Ritchie:

Afterwards I was naturally very late for a very important date and skipped off to my friend Leanne's housewarming where I popped on a pair of bunny ears and tail that I picked up from my local $2 shop which naturally cost me $5.50 ;) Here is a pic of me with uber-cute Leanne and I don't know who the guy is - oops!

So what do you think of my outfit? Reckon I can be forgiven for wearing the same thing to two events!? And how are you feeling? I've been thinking of you lots and hope you are big time on the mend - keep us posted and hope you get well soon! xx Chez.

PS: must thank my friend D for taking the bunny pics :)

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