Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker and the Pear.

Pendant le weekend, je suis alléà la plage.*

During the weekend, I went to the beach.

J'ai acheté une poire céramiqe. Je l'aime.
[Random shit, Chez!] I bought a ceramic pear. I love it.

Elle est verte comme cette robe de Sarah Jessica Parker.

It is green like Sarah Jessica Parker's dress here.
That is all!

Pear is from Gallery Sorrento from the very fabulous Have You Met Miss Jones.

The moral of this random shit is that Sorrento has some interesting homewares and green pears are in season!

Thank you to Lou for the photo of me carrying the larger version of the pear. Merci encore Lara pour aider avec la langue française!

*we also watched AN EDUCATION - a brilliant coming-of-age film in which French-obsessed schoolgirl Jenny takes every opportunity to speak it!

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