Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Story 1: The Well

My family, like many, has an interesting story. Or that interests me, at least. I've always wanted to get the stories down do I'm going to have a shot as part of #b03 to jot one down here every day for the month of March.

A story that my mother told me:

Your great-grandmother had 5 children when her husband died. She lived with her family-in-law as people did in those days. The family never liked her and while her husband was alive, he protected her; with him gone, she knew that she wasn’t welcome. She took her oldest daughter to the village well and looked down. They were going to jump. She looked down into the well. She said it was very dark and deep. They were crying. She decided that things weren’t so bad that it had to end there. So they didn’t jump and they went home.

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