Saturday, February 25, 2012

A stream of consciousness from my desk

Written at 11:14AM this Sunday morning.

Sitting, waiting for washing, typing. I'm at my kitchen table, blinds drawn to keep out the sun. The irony of wishing to be in the airconditioned office on a Sunday. Free day. Free. dream, delight, inspire. Must comment on Kimberley's blog.

I digress. Plan for the day is writing, blogging, getting finances in order. freelance. what's happening and what can we make happen more. spinster, the article i read about rosalind whom i first heard about in year 7 from that actress who toured schools and performed to show girls that they could have a role in science. how did i end up in fashion? biology was my first love.

excitement. memories. microscopes. the crazy canadian teacher who taught biology to me in south korea. shook my hand for way too long when we were first introduced. crazy guy but so much knowledge and giving.

crazy. do we have to be to reach our full potential. what gives to make awesome happen? bill cunningham. respect for his work but can i have it all. love. why has no-one else talked about his religion. religion. what is it. his guilt. finding love in his work. could i be sustained by that. spinsterhood. why would it be bad. melodramatic perhaps but hasn't it been stunning thusfar? despite the disappointments. MEN! but the friendships, the freedom. i want nothing more. best men are already in my life. Dad makes me cry. must call Mick. blessed.

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  1. Gosh, what a surprise it was to stumble across my name in this post Chez! :) I love that you just opened your mind and typed. Yes, it's completely random (which works with your blog title perfectly) but it's so very interesting! It's amazing how quickly the mind darts from one thing to another and often they have no relevance whatsoever. Loved this peek into your brain hun. x