Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's not too late, Kate!

Just in case you've been too busy to actually notice, it is the night before the royal wedding of one Kate who loves her Willy. As we sit in bed, with our Kate Middleton replica engagement ring from Diva flashing away, editing photos for our other fashion blog, we came across some images of a frock which we think would be perfect for the big day should Kate decide to runaway*. Truly - check out these images:
It's virginal white and the volume would be a tribute of sorts to the late Princess Di - come on, she's already got the ring!
The moment of turning away though she should really have a tear in her eye too - for extra sparkle - look at the drama ripple through the volumes of the frock and cape!
A beautiful exit this would make, Kate!

*it's an option. Julia Roberts did it. not saying that Kate should but she could. And she'd make quite the statement in this.


  1. Baaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaaaa I love it.

    Need to get a crown to wear to work tomorrow night, like an obnoxious twat. I hope my patients appreciate my sarcasm... the oldies will think it's WONDERFUL.

  2. LOLLLLLLLL - you so do need a crown - got a local $2 shop?! well now that the chaser have been gagged I think that we've got to have some fun with it before Clarence House puts a stop on all of it... that said I am looking forward to Dame Edna's commentary although less so to all the ad breaks :(