Sunday, April 10, 2011

Memory Lane: Baby-Sitters Club

In this edition of Random shit, Chez! We take a look at something - Hillbilly Profane- a random person we found on the interwebs has made - a tribute to 90s show Babysitters Club! We grew up on these books by Ann Martin which had such an influence on us that Chez still randomly eats slices of apple spread with peanut butter - a healthy & tasty treat the healthy vegetarian Dawn used to enjoy. RANDOM FACT: wikipedia tells us were also GHOST-WRITTEN by a guy named, Peter Lerangis - a man with insight on the tickings of teenage girls- how's that!? Anyway we were excited to watch the TV mini-series as children of the 90s so without further ado, "Say hello to your friends..."

And speaking of ghostwriting - GHOSTWRITER was another TV show we were mad about as kids. Thank you dipsettopnotch for posting this clip!

The moral of this story is that memory lane rocks and sometimes, you've just gotta pay tribute to the ace-but-random-shit already out there. And yep, Chez is randomly heaps busy. TY internet for doing our homework! X

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