Sunday, April 24, 2011

Roadtrip and the Easter Bunny

Happy Easter! In today's post, RSC goes on a roadtrip and makes use of the Photo Antlers for iPhone app. Thank you to the check-out-chap at Coles Burwood for the suggestion which went as follows:

Check-out-chap: How are you today?
RSC: I'm fine thanks... actually no, I'm really disappointed that I couldn't find any bunny ears here. I really wanted to take a photo...
Check-out-chap: Have you tried Kmart?
RSC: yup, they're all out too.
Check-out-chap: what about an iPhone app? There's an app for everything.

et voilà !
Random shit, Chez and the Photo Antlers app on a roadtrip!

Random shit, Chez tucks into a pie floater at Pie in the Sky
Random shit, Chez!
oops! selected the wrong  Photo Antlers !
that's better!
The End

The moral of this random shit is that there is indeed an iPhone app for everything! Many thanks to Dee for capturing today's random adventures. X


  1. just when you think she can't get any more adorable...

  2. love your blog!! <3 xoxo Follow me Via blogroll.. Add my blog in your list..i will add yours!!! kisses!
    My Face Hunter

  3. ahahahahahaahahah OH CHEZ!

    This blog makes me laugh so much. Such a good idea chezza! :P

  4. Thanks Deepika!

    @Just Two Kids - yay! mission accomplished! Hope we get a guest post from you soon Max! X

  5. Oh my god SHUT UP!!!!

    Going to find that app STAT!!!

    Love it!!!

  6. haha what do you mean guest post? Sounds fun

  7. @Blithely Unaware - YAY! I hope that you'll share things you antler up! X

    @Just Two Kids - I'd love to guest blog other people's random-but-ace-shit; let me know if, when you've got something for me;) no pressure, just know that the outlet is there should you so need! X

  8. Love this, great photos!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog- and about the photos, they are the V&A exhibition but they are from the internet as you were not allowed to take photos.
    Happy Easter!