Saturday, April 30, 2011

A jewellery display

Random shit, Chez!
Some time ago, I posted the above image on the Random shit, Chez! Facebook page. I came across these figurines on sale at my local op shop for 99c. Realising that they were a totally random buy that I probably did not *need* I consulted those around me on this purchase, proposing to use the stems of these figurines as ring holders. The grandmas and grandpas I asked thought this was a delightful idea.

et voilà!

Jewellery display
Daniel the camel carries exotic costume baubles passed onto me from my Oma.
 Dentzel the giraffe carries treasures from travels in other lands.
Parker Jumper carries fairy princess rings and other rommel because fairy princes always have such a steed!
Cerniglario the tiger defends the cocktail ring loot.
One of the ladies RSC consulted at the op shop said that she used to have the whole set of these carousel figurines which could be bought on TV. They also came with a large carousel stand to display them all in - I didn't see this at the op shop. However I did google carousel figurines and found out more about these pieces. It turns out that these figurines are part of the Franklin Mint Treasury of Carousel Art (First Series) - a collection of 12 miniatures created by William Manns for the Franklin Mint. Some are accented with 24kt gold.

The moral of this random shit, Chez! post is that op shops are gold. literally. What gold (literal or metaphorical) have you found in an op shop lately?


  1. I love this!!!!!

    Love the rings stacked on them tooooooo

  2. Thanks Merowyn! Must say it does make finding the ring style I want to wear, quick and easy! :D

  3. Oh this is fucking genius! Love it :):)


  4. Yay Miss Ghost! I'm glad to hear it! :P