Monday, March 12, 2012

Moomba 2012

A break from the family story for the latest installment of random shit, Chez!

My friend Lara McPherson ropes me into some pretty random shit. Six weeks after we first met through Twitter, we found ourselves living on display at the State of Design Festival to launch what is now The Ace Fantastics!

Lara is one of the organisers of Melbourne Tweed Ride and the fashion runway at Melbourne Bike Festival. Both groups were invited to be in the 2012 Moomba parade, so off we went!

Dress Rehearsal
Friends know not to call me before 11am on a weekend as I'm usually catching up on sleep I've missed out on during the week. Nonetheless I received a wake-up call at 9.30am one morning to remind (more like TELL!) me that we had dress rehearsal! Despite cursing on my rushed ride over, being greeted by gorgeously costumed singing and dancing kids cheered me up immensely and made me very excited for what lay ahead!

the cutest kid: lara mcpherson
Dress rehearsal: check out the tree man walking on stilts!

Little Audreys (did you know that the vinegar skipping girl's name is Audrey?)

The Parade
New tactic to help me get to things on time: tell me to get there three hours before the event starts!

Here are my behind-the-scenes snaps of the food-themed 2012 Moomba!
my bike - I pimped it up with the yellow flowers and garlic, tomato and lemon when we were asked to decorate our bikes with the theme, "food". Extra pink flowers were added by organisers on the day!

Lisa Dempster of Melbourne Bike Festival
Clockwise from left: Dave poses with the blooms we've been given to pimp up our rides; Charlie & Paul; Pip from The Squeaky Wheel gives riders instructions! 

And now here are some little videos that we made along the way!

For more fun times, follow Lara!

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