Sunday, March 4, 2012

Story 5: On falling in love

What my parents told me:

Dad: Your mum was still just a baby when I first met her. She was four years old and still in nappies!

Mum: I was not!

Dad: I was friends with your uncle and so we used to play together and your mum was one of the little kids who followed us around.

Mum: Then when I was 13 and in Indonesia it’s the custom that when a boy wants to date you that he’ll present himself at the house and meet your parents first. I was pretty sure that your Dad would come but he never did. I waited and waited and he never showed up.

Dad: You were too young!

Mum: But I knew that you liked me!

Dad: Then your mum had an operation.

Mum: I had my appendix removed.

Dad: And so I went to see her because I was her brother’s friend and all that. And there she was in the hospital bed. She looked so little in the big bed with all the pillows. And that’s when I realised, “oh yeah, I can't fight it; I’m in love.”

Mum: I was 15 and your Dad was 19 when we knew that we were moving to Australia. We went to the church together and prayed to God that we could be together in the new country.

I'm jotting down a family story every day over the month of March for #b03, click here to catch up on the stories I've shared so far.

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