Monday, March 26, 2012

Story 16: Leader of the pack

What my father told me:

I was class captain every year that I was in school and school captain in my final year. When we learned English we thought that it was strange how much emphasis was placed on learning to talk about the weather: in Indonesia it’s always hot and humid!

I arrived in Sydney with two of my other friends. Quickly we learnt that Australian weather changes a lot! We were frugal and picked up jobs as day labourers. After paying rent, the only thing that we could afford was a fresh loaf of bread and a jar of IXL jam. We devoured the lot everyday.

My two friends didn’t think that the struggle was worth it, went back home and went onto become very rich businessmen.

I'm jotting down a family story every day over the month of March for #b03click here to catch up on the stories I've shared so far. 

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