Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Story 8: The Beach

What my father told me:

I had an auntie who was very wealthy and she owned a whole beach. Every holiday the family would go and we cousins would swim in the ocean. The area was still quite wild so that when you went to the toilet, if you didn’t go back to the house, you’d have to go in the jungle. There were wild pigs around which if you weren’t careful, would try to knock you over so they could get to your poo. I was little and swimming with all of my big cousins and I really had to do a poo. I didn’t want to go to the jungle and fight the wild pigs so I did it right there. When my cousins saw the poo bobbing around and realised it was me: how they cursed me! They yelled and swam away yelling that because I’d done a poo, the sea water would go up my bum and kill me. I thought they were telling the truth and I got very very scared.

I'm jotting down a family story every day over the month of March for #b03, click here to catch up on the stories I've shared so far.

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